Project Management

Murrays LogoThroughout the long history of the company, Murray & Associates (Qld) Pty Ltd has developed strong working relationships with Development Industry Consultants and all levels of Government to become one of Queensland’s most respected consultancies.  We manage a diverse range of projects and pride ourselves on the ability to coordinate and collaborate between clients, various agencies and technical experts to deliver successful, and timely development approvals.

Our project management capabilities extend to the building works stage of a development however we have direct affiliation with reputable building design consultants that can co-ordinate the building phase of a project through to completion.  Our capabilities include:

  • Development Investigation and Professional Planning Advice
  • Identification of Potential Risks
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Preparation of Project Scope and Development Program
  • Identification of Specialist Consultants for the provision of supporting design and technical information (i.e. Architect/Building Designer, Civil Engineer, Hydraulic Engineer, Landscape Architect, Economist, Ecologist, Traffic Engineer, Acoustic Engineer, Agronomist).
  • Co-ordination of Fee Proposals from Specialist Consultants
  • Provision of Design Parameters and Consultant Briefs
  • Review and critique of supporting design and technical information
  • Application Preparation and Lodgement
  • Management of Application/s through the entire Integrated Development Assessment System (IDAS) including State Referral requirements
  • Public Consultation and Notification
  • Delivery of a complete Development Approval/s Package with Reasonable and Relevant Conditions to the Client
  • Survey Plan Sealing co-ordination and delivery to Client